Cupcake-Brownie Burgers

I have seen pictures of these tricksy-looking burgers, and I have been wanting to give them a try.

I started out by prepping my “condiments.”

It looks like real lettuce, doesn’t it?! I took about a cup of grated coconut and added a few drops of green food coloring.

My bags of mustard and ketchup. Sadly, I couldn’t quite get the yellow deep enough, so I will look at how to improve that. I also made the mistake of using what I thought was red food coloring, when it was actually pink. After that, I couldn’t fix it. Oh well, not bad though.

I then made a batch of yellow cupcakes and milk chocolate brownies.

I cut out rounds of the brownies to match the size of the cupcake middle. Unfortunately, I don’t have the circular cooking rings, so I had to make due with a paper template and knife, which made for some sloppy brownie burgers.

I cut the cupcakes in half with a bread knife for evenness, and then began to assemble.

This last one isn’t that great of a picture, but I wanted to attempt the “sesame seed bun” look. So I moistened the top with a little water and sprinkled some sesame seeds. Kind of tedious, and I didn’t care for it that much.

The finished products!

James loved them and wants me to make them for Christmas when we will be having lots of visitors. What do you guys think?


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