Cookie Monster Cookies

As referenced by this blog, I have many passions. One of them just happens to be baking. I made around 6 different kinds of cookies this year for Christmas, and I am always looking to try something new. A couple months ago, I saw a picture showing brownies made to look like burgers. I instantly loved the idea and you can see the finished product here. A similar thing happened a couple weeks ago where a co-worker linked everyone a picture of “unicorn” poop – rainbow cookies in not so pleasant shapes. The link featured an image on the side of cookies that looked like Cookie Monster eating smaller cookies. I just had to try it.


I made a cream cheese cookie batter then attempted to dye it blue. I say “attempted” because the batter was so sticky that it was almost impossible to turn everything the color I wanted, let alone the shade. I stuck the batter in the fridge for around a half an hour while I prepped some other items and preheated the oven.



Googly eyes! The recipe that I saw before had used a food-safe marker to draw on the pupils, but my grocery store didn’t carry those, so I grabbed black gel icing. I then dotted them on to York Peppermint Patty Pieces at a skewed angle. The earlier recipe used white M&Ms, which would require the coconut kind and rifling through many bags. Plus, the minty flavor really added something.


For my binder, I used Pillsbury chocolate frosting. I grabbed the whipped type, since I really like that kind. I then loaded it to a plastic bag to be able to pipe in on to the cookies.


I suppose you could make the mini cookies, but who is crazy enough to do that. Instead, get a box of Cookie Crisp! This one had a Star Wars pen, which made James happy.


After I took the batter out of the fridge, I rolled them into balls, approximately a tablespoon in size. I made them a little smaller than usual since I was taking them to work, and I wanted to make sure there was enough to go around.

After baking them for around 15 minutes, I started to assemble. I took one cookie and put the chocolate frosting on the underside. The size of the cookies warranted 2 Cookie Crisps, enough to look like a monster, but not too many to make the cookie impossible to stay together. I took the other half and plunked it down over the bottom, put two blobs of frosting and applied the eyes, making sure the pupils looked a little funky. And the finished products:

cookie-monster-cookies-007-e1374254616369 cookie-monster-cookies-008

Everyone thought they were adorable and awesome, although I had a couple people think they were frogs! Overall, these took me about an hour and a half to make. I didn’t enjoy these as much as the burgers, and if I were to make them again, here are the changes I would apply:

  1. Different cookie batter, not so sticky, that could take more easily to the blue food coloring.
  2. Food safe-marker or other way to apply eyes. The goo was too sticky and didn’t dry enough to prevent them from smearing.
  3. Real chocolate or fast drying icing. I found things slipping off or falling apart too easily.
  4. Make the cookies bigger and deal with having less or double the batter. They were cute as they were, but the one I made that had three Cookie Crisps was by far better.

It was another fun cookie experiment though, and I am finding I kind of like the idea of being Susie Homemaker.


5 thoughts on “Cookie Monster Cookies

  1. Those are SO cute! If I were a baker at all, I would try those. Instead, I’m banking them in the back of my mind for my someday kid’s birthday party or some VERY special occasion. 🙂


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