Owl Cupcakes with Nest Eggs

After putting up a poll at work, it was decided my next baking project would be cupcakes that looked like owls. In order to up the difficulty, I also made nests with little eggs.

I made regular chocolate cupcakes. I prefer Pillsbury. I also bought milk chocolate icing to go on top.

I piped the icing and added two Oreo halves (the side that keeps the filling). This was by far the most difficult and frustrating part. The must have changed the quality of Oreos nowadays, because they broke even just by picking them up. It was also really difficult to get the filling to stay on just one side. I had to use a knife to spread it sometimes. If I were to make these again (which isn’t likely), I would probably use double stuffed. At least my husband was happy to eat the leftovers.

For the nests, I melted a bag of Reese’s peanut butter chips. I have seen some recipes using butterscotch chips, but I am a huge fan of peanut butter.

Once the chips were melted, I added some chow mien noodles (which basically have no flavor). I then stuffed a spoonful into a mini muffin tin in order to give them shape.

Before they could dry completely (about five minutes), I added three jellybeans. I got a small bag of Jelly Bellys that were Coldstone flavored. I liked them because they looked like little eggs. This project was much easier, and actually more delicious. I would make these again in a second. It would also be a blast to make with kids.

I wasn’t crazy about how the owls turned out, but both treats were gone in 30 minutes at work. So I guess you could call this baking project a success.

Is it a bad thing that I enjoy being Susie-homemaker?


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