Melting Snowman Cookies

At Christmas time, I love to bake cookies. This past year, I didn’t make as many as I used to since I was pregnant. But, I decided to make a fun cookie for my work’s Christmas party. I decided to go with snowmen that looked like they were melting.

I cut marshmallows in half and drew on scared faces using edible markers.


I wish I had those markers for my Cookie Monster Cookies. Then I used a sugar cookie recipe I found online. I made sure they were pressed thin and in blob shapes before baking. I also made royal icing for the first time and drizzled it over the cookies after they cooled. Before the icing could harden, I placed the marshmallow heads on.


Since I was pregnant, I wasn’t about to spend all my time piping on the buttons and arms. Instead, I used the same edible markers to draw on the details. I was impatient to get to sleep though, and didn’t allow the icing to completely harden. The result is some indentation, but I think they turned out pretty cute.


I didn’t win first prize at my work party, because I didn’t decorate the tub I brought them in. But, everyone thought they were great, and loved the lemon flavor I added to the icing.


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