Steak Tacos

I am lucky to have married a man that also loves to cook. In fact, he loves trying new things as well. Sometimes this means we buy new gadgets simply because he has a whim to make a particular thing (like the ice cream maker, bread maker, etc). This time, it was homemade tortillas using a tortilla press. I helped make these delicious steak tacos, but most of the credit goes to him. The photography credit goes to me though!

We used leftover strip steak and ribeye. I sliced it really thin. Then James reheated it in some seasonings.


James then mixed up the tortilla dough using masa harina. Using our new press, he made small size tacos tortillas, which he then put on the grill to cook.


We made some Mexican rice, and I sliced up some avocado. I assembled my tacos, trying to make the least amount of mess as possible so I could get a good picture of the finished product.


Definitely a tasty creation. We have made the tortillas a few times now, and they are definitely worth it. Luckily, we didn’t pay much for the press anyways.



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