Simple Fall Yarn Wreath

I have been seeing a lot of posts and pictures about yarn wreaths, with comments about how easy they are to make. I love to decorate, but I hate buying a ton of decorations, especially since they are usually very specific to a holiday. I decided to make a wreath that was generic to fall.

I spent between $10-15 on all the materials, some of which can be reused for later projects. Here was what I purchased from the craft store:

  • 16 inch hay wreath
  • 1 skein of orange yarn
  • 1 bunch of plastic fall leaves
  • 1 can of spray adhesive

I would have preferred to use a foam wreath, but my craft store only seemed to carry squared off circles. The hay wreath had some flaws, with bumps and extra padded areas. It also was flaking everywhere, so I decided to keep the plastic wrap on, since I would be wrapping it with the yarn anyway. The orange skein I chose was one that I just happened to like the look of and went well with the leaves. The leaves also came with these great fruit looking bunches. Very descriptive, I know, but you will see in the pictures later on.

I started out by spraying some adhesive on the back of the wreath. I wrapped the yarn around a few times and held it tightly to allow the glue to set. I then continued wrapping the yarn all the way around the wreath, keeping each line relatively close to the previous one and tight to the wreath. I went around twice, though the second time around I made sure to stay in one spot until it was completely covered. I ended up using the whole skein, but I am sure if I had wrapped more effectively (or had a foam wreath) I could have stopped earlier. I tucked the end under the back and sprayed some more glue adhesive. Here is the result.

IMG_0642 IMG_0643

To make the decorations, I cut all of the leaves and “berries” off the plastic bunch. I played around with color combinations and arrangements until I found something I liked, and then glued them together. I cut apart the “berries” and glued them in the center for a cleaner look. I decided to make three separate bunches, a multi-colored, a red, and a yellow.

IMG_0647 IMG_0646 IMG_0645

Looking at my wreath, I knew there were areas I wanted to cover with the decorations. The hay wreath itself was also not perfectly round. I played around with the placement of the bunches, and once I found what I liked, I spray-glued them on. I did have some trouble trying to get them to stick without having the bunches come undone. Here is the finished product!

IMG_0649 IMG_0650

I still have to figure out a way to hang it from my door. I am thinking of just doing a loop of golden ribbon, that way I don’t need to worry about the glue pulling off.

I am excited to make another one for another season! If I decide to continue doing this, I might make a few adjustments with the adhesive. I liked the simplicity and cost effectiveness of the spray glue, but it should set overnight to ensure it sticks. Since I was so anxious to make it, I completed the project in a couple hours, so the bunches we coming apart as I was trying to glue them to the wreath. So next time, I either need to wait a day before attaching them, or I just bite the bullet and buy a glue gun!


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