Sunflower Yarn Wreath

I enjoyed making my fall yarn wreath so much, but I didn’t want to have a bunch of wreaths sitting around my house. Luckily, my mom was interested. So, I went to the store and picked up the following items:

  • Green yarn (1 skein)
  • 1 hay wreath (16 inches)
  • Plastic/cloth sunflower bunch
  • Mini glue gun
  • Mini glue gun sticks

The glue gun made it much easier, and cleaner than the fall wreath. I began by placing a dab of glue on the back of the wreath and wrapping the yarn around a couple times. I then continued wrapping until the entire wreath was covered.

IMG_0651 IMG_0652

I pulled the flowers, leaves, and “fruit” off the long plastic stems and made up an arrangement I liked before hot gluing them onto the wreath.

IMG_0656 IMG_0658 IMG_0659

Here is the finished product. I did not add a ribbon to hang the wreath, since my mom owns a wreath hanger.



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