Doctor Who Galaxy Wreath

I never want to look at another small crystal again. Although, I am sure I will find them scattered on the floor below my craft table.

I have been telling my friend, Elle, that I would make her a wreath for some time. Pretty much since I was making wreaths last year. I am back in the crafting mood as the holiday season comes up, so I thought the first project I should do would be her wreath. I wanted to make something simple. Something she could hang all year round. And something that I felt suited her personality. I was inspired by her love of science fiction. So what started as a simple galaxy colored wreath soon morphed into something with a little Doctor in it.

Supplies Needed

Since I’ve had trouble in the past with my skein of yarn unraveling and becoming a large knot, I decided it would be easier to roll it into a ball. It made it much easier to handle and wrap through the wreath. I started by wrapping the yarn around three of my fingers. I kept going until I had a decent bulk, maybe twenty times. I pulled it off my fingers and started wrapping the yarn around the strands I just created. I slowly formed it into a ball as I kept wrapping the yarn. I didn’t need it to look fancy, just functional.


Once I got started on wrapping the wreath, I was worried that if I just used the multi-colored yarn, the coloring wouldn’t turn out as I would like. I decided to wrap the wreath using a matching navy blue, which meant I could disperse the mutli-colored yarn as I please, and it wouldn’t matter if I left any of the blue showing. I started by hot gluing a strand onto the back of the wreath (just pick a side and stick with it), leaving the plastic wrap on. I kept wrapping around the entire wreath until there was no straw showing on the front and sides.


With my base color ready to go, I did the same with the multi-colored yarn. Since there were inches of the same color in a row, I spaced out the strands quite a bit. Since the galaxy is random in color, I didn’t care if the same color touched.

IMG_1143 IMG_1145

Now for the decorations. Even with a mini hot glue gun, putting small crystals on was tedious and messy. I tried holding them with tweezers, using a toothpick, and gluing directly on the yarn. It made the end result not as beautiful as I had liked. I ran out to the store in search of micro Glue Dots, but only found mini, which were still not small enough. I attempted cutting those in half (still tedious and didn’t stick as well since I had been touching the dots). I also attempted regular glue (didn’t even stick). In the end, I ended up going with a lot fewer crystals than what I had in my head, but I still like the outcome. Here is a shot of an in progress stage.


I purchased a small, light-up Tardis as my one accent piece. When it arrived, I knew the size would be perfect. I hot glued it on in the bottom left, at an angle. My thought was that it would be like he was floating through space. She could even flip a switch on the bottom to light up the top.


I finished up by hot gluing a couple looped strands on the back so she could hang it. In the end, it didn’t quite meet my vision, but it was close. I wish I had the patience to add more crystals. I am happy with the finished product, as was Elle. She even told me that Doctor Who has a swirling opening scene of him flying through space. So maybe I totally nailed it!

DW Yarn Wreath



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