Dr. Seuss Inspired Word Block

Quite a while ago, I was looking for ideas to craft for Little Man’s room. I had just gotten him a new bookshelf for his overflowing collection of books (no idea who he gets that from), and he was really into The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That on PBS. So, I took to Pinterest and got inspired to make a word block to hang above his new bookshelf. Note: It has been a year since I finished this project, and it is not hung above the bookshelf. We in fact, have never redecorated his room, but plan to do so before his baby brother arrives.

Taking on all of these ideas, I went with the word “READ” covered in Dr. Suess book pages. You will need the following items to make this craft.

  • Wood letters, found at most craft stores. I got mine at AC Moore, and went with a chunky, thicker letter. Of course I didn’t photograph a before picture, but they are similar to this style found at JoAnn
  • An old Dr. Suess book, or one you are willing to cut apart. I found one at a local thrift store. It happened to be Hop On Pop.
  • Mod Podge. I went with matte.
  • Gorilla Glue or another adhesive that works on wood
  • Exact-o knife for trimming
  • Wall hanger, if going this route. Chunkier words will be able to rest on a shelf.

So, because I wasn’t worrying about blogging at the time (a familiar feature for some of my posts), I did not get any before shots, and really only one “in-progress.” But, the steps are very simple.

  1. Find a suitable area of the page where the picture or words you want are visible on the letters.
  2. Mod Podge the letters and apply the pictures, making sure to line up the illustrations with any holes. Note: You could trace and cut each letter prior to this step, but I found this way easier for me. Allow to dry.
  3. Using the Exact-o knife, trim the excess paper and cut out any holes.
  4. Apply Mod Podge to the top of the applied paper, smoothing down any of your trimmed edges if necessary. Allow to dry. img_20150314_002535-edit20150314_002219-edit
  5. Glue together the letters to make it all one piece. Allow to dry. 20150315_134124-edit
  6. Display or hang!



It’s not perfect, but I love it!



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