Teal and Flowers Yarn Wreath

Some projects I often only take a finished shot, kind of giving myself a pat on the back. But, I’d still like to share my creations, even if they don’t involve step-by-step instructions on how to create it. This is one of those instances.

I wanted a wreath I could hang on my front door year round. One that wasn’t tied to a holiday so my door could always be decorated. I would love one for each season or even holiday. I only have one for the fall and one for Christmas, and already those take up too much room in my overstuffed storage area. So, I set out to create an everyday wreath.

Our house is a beige color with maroon shutters and front door. I wanted something that would stand out from this. Looking back, I probably should have gone with a more muted color scheme, complimenting and probably using both of the colors from my house. Instead, I went in the complete opposite direction, just to make something different.

Somehow, I “convinced” my husband to let me do bright colors with flowers. I put quotes around that, because he soon changed his mind, and so did I. While I love this wreath, it is much better suited to a girl’s room or a bright living room decor. Neither of which I have (yay for a second boy on the way!).

I wrapped a 16 inch hay wreath in a teal blue yarn. I then took coordinating felt in shades of pink, coral, white, dark teal, and gray. I made the pink into rolled flowers, gluing a pearl to the center. With the other colors, I made carnations using this amazing tutorial.

I enjoy the finished project, and while it hung on my door for a couple weeks, it just didn’t fit. For now, it’s kind of on display on top of my bookshelf in my basement. Maybe one day I can sell it or find a room to design around it. For now, I’ll settle for this poorly lighted finished shot.



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