Bumper Pad Playmat

Some projects I often only take a finished shot, kind of giving myself a pat on the back. But, I’d still like to share my creations, even if they don’t involve step-by-step instructions on how to create it. This is one of those instances.

Four years ago, when I was pregnant with my son, we decorated his nursery with an underwater theme. We got some cute fish art, wall decals, and an adorable bedding set. It was a Sweet JoJo Designs set called Go Fish. It is one of the items I actually took time to review on Amazon, because the quality was pretty shoddy. And considering how much baby bed sets cost, I was a little upset. However, I won’t get into all that here. It was still a very cute pattern using the colors we desired: mint green, baby blue, and white. I did some small sewing fixes and put it all up months in advance.


Despite knowing the dangers of bumper pads, I purchased this set that included them. In fact, almost all the sets I found did. I even put them on the crib, thinking if they still sold them, they must be okay. But before Little Man arrived, I took them off and stuffed them in the closet. It seemed like such a waste, since the price was high probably due to those pads. I vowed to do something with them, but of course, the first few months after the arrival of your child are crazy. It wasn’t until he began rolling around that I finally found an easy to do project that could make use of the bumper pads. A playmat.

I ripped the seams apart on both long sides of the short pads, also removing the ties. On the long pads, I only ripped apart one side and removed the ties. I used my sewing machine to put them all together, arranging the pattern to be seen by him both ways. I left the ties on a couple ends in order to give him some sensory play. Luckily, this style also had a soft, rippled pattern for an additional sensory experience.

I think it turned out really cute, even if Little Man was to the point of just rolling off it by the time I finished. Good thing I’m pregnant now with #2. It might see some more use (if it is still somewhere in this mess of a house). I hope you like the pictures with my son’s face disguised!



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