Sock Matching Felt Page

Back when I was ambitious on creating activities for my son and really interested in embroidery, I read a lot about Quiet Books. The idea sounded wonderful: take felt to create pages of learning activities that would keep your child busy when you needed them to be quiet. The problem I found was that most of the pages took a lot more effort to make than the child would put into playing it. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy making them, but for my son, the novelty quickly wore off.

For my first foray into making a Quiet Book page, I chose a sock matching game. There were several cute ideas on Pinterest, spanning from a few different socks to a whole washing machine layout. The attachments also varied from buttons to velcro. I decided to combine a couple of these into my own simple design. I wanted many different styles of patterns and a place to store the socks before they were sorted. My son was also too young to use buttons at the time, but I wanted a challenge, so I went with a snap attachment.

I made seven different sock pairings and a hamper to store them in. These were the materials I used:

  • Paper and marker for design
  • Felt in various colors/designs for the socks. They are not large┬áso you can use scraps, as long as you can get two to three cutouts for each matching pattern.
  • Felt, white, for the hamper.
  • Felt, full sheet for background (I chose gray)
  • Matching thread
  • Snap closures
  • Embroidery or sewing needle
  • Scissors

I hand drew the sock design on paper and used that as a cutout for my felt. You can easily find a clipart or other design online, similar to what I did for the hamper. I cut 3 socks in each pattern, one of them a mirror image.



After cutting out all of your felt pieces, it’s simply a matter of sewing. I call it sewing, but it does not need to be fancy stitchwork. Sew the snap with the bump onto the socks that will be sewn onto the background. I cut a small hole so I could have it poke through the back for a clean look. After sewing the other half of the snap onto a second sock, I placed a third on the back to hide the snap. This ensured that my son could see the pattern on the sock no matter which side he looked at.



Line up all your pieces before sewing them onto the background to ensure a nice, even fit. Make sure to account for space if you will be attaching this page into a full Quiet Book. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Your child will love it with missteps and all.



Tada! Now save it for a day when you need to keep your child entertained, like a doctor’s office or a long car ride. My son loved it. I would recommend limiting the amount of time they use it and pulling it back out after they haven’t played with it in a while. That keeps the entertainment factor going longer.



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