Poinsettia Christmas Yarn Wreath

Last month, I wrote about some felt poinsettias I had been working on for my mother-in-law’s yarn wreath. I have finally given it to her, so I am able to show off the finished product.

This project was long in the making. I started it, got distracted, came back, ruined it, took a break, and started over. I originally splurged on a foam wreath, which retailed at Michael’s for $12 versus the $4 for a hay wreath. I bought a really nice, soft, golden yarn. The skein came undone as I was wrapping, and I had to deal with a massive amount of knots. I tried untying and eventually cut it in pieces. After meticulously wrapping the entire 18 inch wreath, which is much smaller in thickness than the hay, I hung it on the wall to keep it off the kitchen table. It fell. It shattered exactly in half. After hot gluing it back together, I thought I would do a drop test. I couldn’t give my mother-in-law a wreath that would break so easily. It broke in half again. In the exact other half that wasn’t hot glued. I forgot to take pictures of the broken wreath but it was pretty epic. Needless to say, this is when I took the break.

Here are a couple pictures of the wrapped foam wreath for comparison to hay.

IMG_0653 IMG_0654

My husband told me it was a blessing in disguise. He hated the size of the wreath, and he likes the rustic look of the hay wreath. So, I returned to Michael’s for the same golden butter yarn, and went to A.C. Moore for the rest of the supplies. All of this can be purchased for under $10. Here is what you will need.

  • 1 hay wreath, 16″ around
  • 1 skein yarn (I used a butter yellow)
  • pearls for center of flower, one for each
  • 2 red felt pieces
  • 1 green felt piece
  • hot glue gun
  • glue gun sticks
  • scissors

I started by wrapping the hay wreath. I hot glue the first few wrap arounds. My first time around the entire wreath, I space out the yarn. I then use it as a guideline for covering all the hay. For my sunflower wreath, I wrapped slightly differently and found myself using more yarn than than my fall wreath. I finished by using another dot of hot glue.

IMG_0718 IMG_0719

I then created the poinsettias using red felt and the pearls. You can see my tutorial here.


I decided to keep the wreath very simple and have only the flowers. In order to not make it too boring, I added some leaves to each flower. I free-handed a leaf, and after cutting one in the shape I liked, I traced and cut enough for each flower to have two leaves. I then hot glued them to the bottom of the flowers.

IMG_0721 IMG_0722

After playing with the positioning of the flowers, making sure it was aesetically pleasing as well as covering any flaws in the hay, I hot glued them on. This is the finished wreath.

IMG_0743 IMG_0746

I did not add ribbon for hanging, since I was not sure where she would place this. However, they do make some great wreath hooks!



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